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When you’ve finally gotten the courage and the right amount of resources to build your dream house, the most difficult task ahead will then be WHERE TO BUILD IT. 

Most experts on the subject always have 3 major things in common when advising friends, family, and clients. Here are 3 things to keep in mind when choosing the perfect location for that long-coveted home.


  1.  Location 

Real estate agents still swear by the most cliché expression LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION.


When checking for land packages, of course, home owners have already chosen what major city or major location it will generally be in. With that in mind, the next thing is where in the city? Which part of town? What neighbourhood?


Scouting these out for yourselves can be difficult, but helpful. First, be sure to already have a general idea of the environment you want. Do you prefer having the access to all the major city locations? Or are you more the nature type?


Go to the best neighborhood in the area and take note of what you love most about them. Is it the access to a great school for the kids, access to fresh air, the surrounding wilderness, or the great view? Take copious amounts of pros and cons from hundreds of different physical locations, and work with it.


After getting what you need from the internet and your own investigations, consult a professional with ready-made questions, to address any more of your own preferential inquiries.


  1. Utilities 

Second, if not most important to most professionals, is the ease of availability and access to resources. What would a great view be if water and electricity are 5 times the normal rate, because of the specific location?


Even some of the most innovative and forward-thinking real estate experts now include into consideration the access to potential and actual renewable energy like Solar, Geothermal, or Wind power. If you’re the type of person who appreciates the environmental necessity of renewable resources, then watching out for locations that have immediate and future potential for these types of power sources would be a good consideration to keep in mind.


Most of real estate development companies are now gearing towards a future with extreme dependence on environment-friendly renewable energy. Major areas like Sweden, Germany, and even Singapore, have now started the trend of giving preference to slightly more expensive developments, in favor of the inclusion of millions of dollars worth of renewable power innovations that are geared to operate free of natural gas and oil for hundreds of years to come. If budget allows it, access to resources that have great value in the future will prove to be a great well-calculated move, if given the chance.


  1. Price 

Much like everything else in the world today, every other consideration needs to go hand in hand with the price. A good knowledge about the area you are interested in will get you a chance to haggle down prices, for things that normal buyers would not normally even see. Investigating all your site options can be a great advantage.


A price range should never restrict you to looking for the greatest location for your family’s home. Property prices always change, and looking for the best possible location will be a great investment in the long run. So do not hesitate to ask, if you think you just might have found the dream location to your dream home.  

All in all, there are many things that needs consideration when looking for the perfect spot to build a home, but the most important ones are not the legal issues, the paper work it’s going to require, nor the expectations from other people; it is always the combination of what the home owners have always yearned for and the best possible options available in the market.