Why Sites a Million?

We deliver: Only the best services fit for the most scrutinizing clients in the business...

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Sites a Million is a company which aims to build the best of the Australian real estate and business industry possible, by making sure that the right people get a hold of the right real estate to develop it into the best potential resource for future generations.



Developers, real estate investors, and residential property owners alike have always trusted US to provide the best possible match between supply and demand, as well as a great balance between want and requirement. We listen closely to the demands of our clients and find the greatest available options in the market.


We AIM to be Extraordinary.



The History


Having been in the industry for more than five decades, Sites a Million, most recently updated its practice by making use of the world wide web to reach far flung clients looking for the perfect way to connect with the right people in the Australian real estate industry.




Almost 8 years ago from now, the website was launched to address local and international clients’ needs. Now, new potential global clients have been regularly browsing the site to take advantage of our free real estate search and property listing services.


The People


OUR PEOPLE, already up to fifty seven as of early 2014, have continually been helping each other, build this company from the ground up.


Sites a Million Values:


  • HONESTY in every business transaction and in day to day work.
  • DEDICATION to SERVICE and the overall good of the company and its clients.
  • EXCELLENCE in CLIENT interaction.


All our personnel have kept these values in mind, to uphold the honor and integrity of our practice in order to achieve the greatest mutual benefit between ourselves, the company and, above all, the clients.



Among our TOP LEADERS are:


John Andrews (Real Estate Extra-Ordinaire)

Founder and the site’s main force, John has been with Sites a Million since its conception. He has brought the website up by his bare hands from the first ideas to its current state.


Our Leader, and the website’s main strength, John is the man behind every Sites a Million move, on- and offline.


Contact: (02) 411 5488; johnandrews@sitesamillion.com.au



Rosa Dodds (Real Estate Sales and Marketing Power House)

The face of the company, Ms Rose, is the bright smile behind each successful negotiation. She has been born with the natural gift of laughter, and she brings it with her to every part of the business transaction, be it sales, marketing, client meetings, and the daily rigors in the office.


As our Co-Founding Officer, she believes that business does not mean a serious face all the time.


Contact: (02) 411 7686; rosadodds@sitesamillion.com.au



Michael Houston (Real Estate Broker and Finance Genius)


Mike is one of the best in the business. The company has made sure that this man, who is responsible for ensuring financial deals are mutually beneficial, is one of the top people to consult in Sites a Million. Not one dime is left unanalyzed by our Financial Genius. With a 25 year background in finance law, legal paper works pass to and fro the company by his hands.



Contact: (02) 857 9987; mhouston@sitesamillion.com.au