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Land development for commercial purpose is as easy as 1,2,3 – but only with the perfect piece of REAL ESTATE.


With over ten thousand commercial lands on sale in New South Wales alone, Sites a Million has built the greatest armory needed to find the perfectly situated spot for a small to medium sized business.



Sites a Million proactively finds impeccably located properties that are best fit for commercialization and development.


WE UNDERSTAND that business is not as easy as it looks, we are a BUSINESS ourselves, and we take every business needs into account before coming up with the client’s own customized commercial land choices. We do not like wasting our client’s time with mediocre selections.


As of December 2013, Sites a Million has helped hundreds of small to medium/large sized businesses in New South Wales in navigating the whole commercial land development process by taking the most important step into our own hands – CHOOSING THE RIGHT LOCATION.


Most importantly, we at Sites a Million take full consideration of each client’s commerce type, target audience, and general nature of business, in order to provide the best list of available zones with the perfect mix of crowd, features, amenities, access, zoning restrictions, boundaries orientation, for the overall business development of the clients.



WE SIMPLY CUSTOMIZE CLIENT’S OPTIONS according to business demands, direct client requirements, and foreseeable entrepreneurial needs.


Feel free to contact our lovely customer service representatives for a free consult.

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