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Land Development, in large scale industrial, residential, commercial, retail, or office, as an investment opportunity, can be a very tricky business. It is NEVER as simple as choosing the right land, and just hoping that et Voila! Everything’s good to go. We, at Sites a Million, have the strategy and the edge to go the distance for our clients with colossal projects in mind.


Sites a Million lists thousands of the most innovative and commercially stable areas and sites for new businesses and development opportunities.


Our million-dollar clients have been with us from the start, and have been responsible for putting up industrial sites, residential developments, and large-scale retail and office structures all over New South Wales.




Sites a Million not only has direct connections to the right real estate power houses around New South Wales, WE ALSO remain LOYAL customers of businesses that we have helped develop.  We offer great services and partnerships to our clients who are fellow entrepreneurs in Australia, who have big things in mind.


Whether for luxury hotels, innovative subdivisions, small-time motel chains, or even top notch technologically advanced industrial corporations, Sites a Million has the best eye in the land development industry. We find the location and make sure that client’s options include unlimited access to all the required  amenities, energy generation, features, potential renewable energy sources, and most importantly, the FOOT TRAFFIC.


WE BELIEVE that reaching the right PEOPLE is the number one strategy in any business.

Our friendly associates are available for any assistance 24 hours a day.

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