Why Sites a Million?

We deliver: Only the best services fit for the most scrutinizing clients in the business...

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WE VISUALIZE the perfect dream home for all the RESIDENTIAL HOME CLIENTS who have been yearning for the perfect spot since childhood.


With Sites a Million, listings will be tailor fitted to every land buyer’s needs, and are made available to all who have the most specific requirements in location, land area, property accessibility, and potential advantageous surrounding resources.



Whether it is a particular tree swing in the front lawn, the wide backyard for the perfect party-hosting area, or the great view of the Australian city lights, or even that specific Oak tree house where all of the children can go to play, dream house locations are Sites a Million’s top priority.


Sites a Million also give constant support to the environment by taking into consideration opportunities for the generation of renewable energy when customizing every residential land clients. We do not only provide actual locations and properties, we also make sure to put focus on environmental needs in every client’s customized list of choices.


WE FIND the best location with the most specific client needs.


Sites a Million does not only aim to help hundreds of thousands of Australians all over the country find the perfect RESIDENTIAL LAND; we DELIVER the most  picture-perfect spot for all of our clients’ captivating residential designs.


Together WE make that DREAM HOME come to life.


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