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1.     Dignams Land and Creek, $370,000

 A picturesque piece of nature set in a peaceful section of New South Wales.

-For the nature lover.

-270 acres of land

-own creek

-fertile flats

-200 acres of timber

-rolling pasture



 2.     Bigga Street Block, $35,000

 A nice spot for a cozy start up home.

-For the home owner with a budget.


-building block

-located near shops, school, Golf Club, hotels, and affinities

- 70 minutes drive from Goulburn

-Lake Wyangla nearby

-fishing and water skiing activities at lake



 3.     Mark’s Point, For Sale by AUCTION

 The perfect place for a beach front mansion. 

-For the lovers of all things luxurious.


-flat vacant land

-great ocean view

-180 water views

-large pool

-tennis court

-potential development site

-close to school, shops, and affinities